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We are here to listen to your challenges and help you find solutions so you can focus on your most pressing needs and still have time to catch your breath at the end of the day.


Our projects span the range of needs of any small to mid-size nonprofit, but tend to focus on the issues that "slip through the cracks" when there is turnover or transition:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Development Planning

  • Board Training

  • Database cleanup, restructuring & training

  • Grants Management



Our clients have included arts organizations, cultural institutions, social services agencies, and educational organizations in Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford Counties.



Running a nonprofit takes a lot of work. To be a successful leader, you are expected to have every skill in the book and the ability to do all things at all times.

Sometimes you realize your board isn't rowing in the same direction.

Sometimes you realize you haven't created an annual report in years.

Sometimes you realize your database is a mess.

Sometimes you realize grant proposals have been forgotten.

Sometimes you just can't figure out how to raise enough money.

Kristen is most interested in solving problems and "untangling knots". She knows from experience that things can get overwhelming at times and she finds that asking questions and listening to her clients will often help to uncover where the real need lies.


We are always happy to meet with anyone who has questions or needs advice. Please reach out to schedule a meeting in person or on the phone.

Kristen  Runk

Tel: 646-379-1232

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